Import a list of users to your site

Administrators on Professional, Boutique, or Full Service plan sites can add multiple new users at once through the Site Settings menu. This document explains uploading multiple users at once.


Before you start

  • You'll need an Administrator user role on your site.
  • Your site must be on a Professional, Boutique, or Full Service plans.



  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Navigate to Site Settings > Import Users.
  3. Click the Download user CSV template link, and save the file.
  4. Open the CSV in your preferred spreadsheet program.
  5. Fill in the sheet for all users. See the second row for descriptions of each field.
  6. Re-save the file as a CSV.
  7. Return to the Import Users tab.
  8. Click Choose File and select the CSV.
  9. Click Import Users.
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