User roles reference

Users can log in to your site and appear in post bylines or author widgets. User roles restrict which tasks a user can complete. This reference explains various tasks and the minimum required role to complete each one.

The user roles, from highest permissions to lowest, are:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor


Adding users

Administrators and Editors can add new users. If you need an Administrator added to a site, please submit a support request.


User tasks

This table lists various tasks users can complete and the minimum required role.

Posts and pages Minimum required role
Publish your own posts Author
Draft and edit your own posts Contributor
Draft and edit another user's posts Editor
Add another author to your post Editor
Add new categories and tags Editor
Add images to a post Author
View a list of all posts Author
Edit pages Editor
Site management Minimum required role
Edit mailing addresses Editor
Edit sidebar links Editor
User management Minimum required role
Add a user Editor
Edit your own profile Contributor
Edit another user's profile Editor
Email campaigns  Minimum required role
View and download email subscriber lists Contributor
View sent campaigns Contributor
Pause an RSS campaign Administrator 
Blog comments Minimum required role
Moderate comments  Editor
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