About "Missed Schedule" posts

One of the great features in WordPress that our platform makes use of is the "Schedule" feature. As illustrated in this video, scheduling a post means you can control when a post is published, allowing you to schedule a post for an event or build a backlog of content that you slowly drip out over time. It's a wonderful, but complex feature, and one that LexBlog has worked at making even better.

For many blogs outside of the LexBlog network, this feature can fall prey to an unfortunate side effect of how these sorts of functions (typically called "cron jobs") are performed in WordPress.  We have made custom changes to combat this problem.

If you do ever see ever see the words "Missed Schedule" underneath the Date column for a post, don't fret.  When you schedule a post you are creating a "task" that our custom tool scans through all our blogs looking to execute.  Since we have a lot of blogs it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to scan through them all.

Therefore, if you notice a "missed schedule" wait for 15 minutes, then if the post still has not published please feel free to get in touch via success@lexblog.com or 800-913-0988.

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