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Outlined below are our "Quick Post Publishing Guide" steps to publish a new post. These steps are also available in PDF format if you'd prefer to download.


  • Your blog login credentials


  1. Navigate to your blog's administrative area. (VIDEO)

Add "/admin/" after the ".com" of your blog URL (e.g. and click "go".

  1. Input your log-in credentials. (VIDEO)

Type your username and password into each box and click the "Log In" button. By checking "Remember Me," a cookie will be added to your browser and you will bypass this page the next time you go to your blog's administrative area if you come back within 14 days.

  1. Navigate to "Posts > Add New". (VIDEO)

From the dashboard or any page in the blog's back-end, hover over "Posts" then click "Add New".

  1. Enter your post title. (VIDEO)

(Hint: "Enter title here" appears in this field.)

  1. Add your blog text content (VIDEO) in the post content editor box.

(Hint: Box located below formatting buttons.)

  1. Add an image. (VIDEO)

Add a featured image in the featured image box.

  1. Add post categories and tags. (VIDEO)

For categories, check the appropriate category box(es). If you do not select a category, your post will appear as "Uncategorized" to your readers.

For tags, type keywords into the tags box. These tags do not have any impact on search engine optimization but will help your readers navigate to related content elsewhere on your blog. Not all posts need tags, but when used, try to add tags you have used before to link posts together by people, places, things, ideas, cases, etc. After typing the beginning letters of a tag, wait to see if any existing tags appear in a drop down as suggestions to prevent adding duplicate tags to your blog. When done, click the "Add" button.

  1. If applicable, select the post author. (VIDEO)

Select the author from the drop down menu or type the name of the author into the blank "search for an author" field. Remove your name if you are not a post author by clicking the "Remove" link adjacent to your name after adding the name of the correct author.

  1. Preview the post to confirm everything looks correct.

Click the "Save Draft" button then right click on the "Preview" button and open in new tab or window.

  1. Publish your post. (VIDEO)

Click the "Publish" button to publish immediately.

To schedule the post to automatically publish at a future time and/or on a future date, click the "Edit" link next to the calendar icon and words "Publish immediately". Change date and time settings (24-hour clock), click the "OK" button, then click the "Schedule" button. (See our Advanced Publishing Video for specific instruction.)


If you are looking to do something more advanced in your post, there are other videos in our series that might apply to you:

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