Generate a HAR file

A HAR file (HTTP Archive) can help us troubleshoot some problems with your browser. You can record network requests in a HAR file, then attach the file to your open support ticket. This article explains how to generate a HAR file using Google Chrome.

Note: You can also generate a HAR file for Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox.


Before you start



  1. Launch Chrome and visit the page where you are experiencing a problem.
  2. In Chrome, click Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools.
  3. In the new panel, click the Network tab:

    Screenshot of Network tab and record button

  4. Look for a red Record network log button. If the button is grey, click it to start recording.
  5. Check the Preserve log box.
  6. Attempt to recreate the issue you are experiencing. This is often done by refreshing the page.
  7. In the grid that displays columns like Name, Status, and Type, right click and select Save as HAR with Content. Save the file.
  8. Open a new support request and attach the HAR file, or attach the file to an open request.
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