About FeedBurner and XML feeds

If you have been blogging with LexBlog for a while, you may have noticed that the RSS icon in your Stay Connected section can lead to different displays of information. 

Historically, we utilized a Google service called FeedBurner to convert the RSS feed into a page that is readable. 

Here is an example of the RSS page with FeedBurner utilized: 


Here is an example of the same page with an unformatted raw XML feed: 

We have moved away from using FeedBurner on our blogs for the following reasons:

1) Formatting the RSS feed page doesn't add value to your readers. If they wanted to read the posts, they would just access the main url of the blog.

2) FeedBurner is an increasingly outdated service that Google no longer regularly updates which is a sign that it may get retired at a future point. 

3) Using the FeedBurner feed can cause issues with the associated services we setup with your blog, e.g. MailChimp often has an easier time with raw XML feeds.  This means increased email notification reliability.


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