About FeedBurner and XML feeds

Each site generates a web feed that automatically updates when you add or edit a post. Services such as MailChimp and RSS readers look at your feed for new content. This article explains site feeds.

For most sites, your feed contains the 10 most recent posts. Updating older posts will not affect your feed.

Some of your readers may use an RSS feed reader to subscribe to your site. We have no way of tracking how many people subscribe to your site via RSS.


Viewing your feed

There are two ways to find your site's feed:

  • Go to https://www.yoursite.com/feed/
  • From your homepage, find the Stay Connected widget and click the RSS icon:

    Screenshot of RSS icon


LexBlog's feed services

Some Legacy LexBlog sites use Google's FeedBurner. Our current designs use an XML feed that appears similar to HTML.


We transitioned to XML-only feeds because:

  • FeedBurner is an outdated service that Google sporadically updates. It may be retired in the future.
  • We have seen several technical issues where FeedBurner does not update correctly when a recent post is changed or deleted. XML feeds are reliable.
  • Google provides no support or troubleshooting FeedBurner issues.
  • Readers using an RSS reader will view the feed through that application, making FeedBurner's stylized feed page unnecessary.
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