Change Screen Options

WordPress allows you to change how some backend information displays on your screen. The available options depends on whether you're editing a post, managing users, or performing another task. This document explains changing Screen Options.


Before you start

You'll need a user account.



1. Log in to your blog at

2. Navigate to Users, Pages, or open a post for editing. In the top-right corner, click Screen Options
Screenshot of Screen Options menu location.

A fly down menu opens for editing:

 Some available Screen Options

3. Change any of the available options (These will vary depending on your current task):

  • Boxes: Toggles what displays on the screen.
  • Number of items per page: Changes the number of posts, authors, or other items to display. The maximum value is 999.
  • Layout: Toggles whether items display in one or two columns.
  • Columns: Toggles which columns display in a table.

4. Depending on your screen, you may need to click Apply.


Further information Screen Options

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