Add a sidebar link


Links can appear in your sidebar. Links connect your blog to other sources on the internet, like your firm's site or social media accounts. This document explains adding a new link to your sidebar.

Before you start

You'll need:

  • A destination URL
  • A link name, which is the text that will display on the blog


  1. Hover over Links in the left sidebar and click Add New.

  2. Enter the link name and URL destination.

  3. Select a link Category or add a new category. The category determines where on the blog the link appears.

  4. Select a Target, which determines whether the link opens in a new window or tab, the current window or tab, or the same window or tab. If left blank, the link will open in the current window or tab.

  5. Check "Keep this link private" to save the link but not display it publicly.
  6. Click Add Link.
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