Change your registered domain's name servers

Name servers tell computers which server IP address corresponds to your domain name. If you have registered a domain through your own domain registrar, you will need to change the name servers to LexBlog's service. This will make it easier to point your domain to our servers. This article explains how to update your registered domain's name servers.


Before you start

  • Your site must be launching on a Professional, Boutique or Full Service plan.
  • You must have a user account with an administrator role.
  • You must have registered a domain outside of our Site Settings menu.
  • Add the domain to the Domain Registration menu.



  1. After successfully adding your domain, the Domain Registration menu will display two name servers in this format:

  2. Log in to your domain registrar, delete any name servers there, and add the two name servers from the Domain Registration menu. Our name server update article links to instructions for several common domain registrars.
  3. Refresh the Domain Name tab periodically to see if you can proceed to the steps for pointing. Name server updates can take up to 48 hours.
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